Monday, December 17, 2007

William Tell Overture and Laughing babies

Well I still haven't received the pictures from last nights get together, but as soon as I do I will post them. While I was at Hilary's today the played the funniest u tube video for me. It's a comedian mom who sings a song about all the things you say to your child in a 24 hour period set to the William Tell Overture. I have watched it about 8 times so far and it is still funny to me. I just giggle again and again. Then speaking of giggling, if you type in "laughing baby", you will see one of the funniest most adorable baby laughing as his dad makes funny sounds like "ping, bong, and bloop". There are a few other funny laughing clips of babies that we watched and Sloan, Abby, and Zoe just giggled and giggled the whole time. Sloan and Abby kept asking, "Can we watch it again?".
We got a lovely little Christmas card from Gramma Carol. She is a real stinker and likes to spoil us all. She is such a fun and spunky lady, I just really adore her. We were able to talk for a few minutes tonight. However our conversation was cut short because Dean called and then Kirstin, Abbys' Mom, called. I normally don't pick up other calls when I am on the line with someone else but Abbys' Mom and Dean don't call usually at this time of day. I plan on calling her this weekend.
It has been a good day Dean just got home and I think I will sign off so that we can talk about the day and stuff. No snow today, well tiny little flurries, but nothing to take pictures of. Tomorrow I will take some pictures of our festive holiday decorations and the kids. Goodnight all!

A lovely visit

I just got home from my friend Hilary's home, and as always we had a lovely visit. Hilary and I both have three kids all in almost the same age groups - or + a few months. So we can relate with the woe's and joy's of raising three kids. I can always count on her for a good listening ear. No question is too silly or stupid. I am so glad we are friends. Her Daughter Charlotte, and Zoe are a year apart. Charlotte is three. So they are just starting to play a little more when we get together. It's a lot of fun.
Today is an overcast kind of day. The forecast says it is supposed to snow. I love the snow. If it starts to snow, I will take some pictures of it and post them a little later on. Well I am going to go be lazy and take a much needed nap with the girls. Aris is in so much pain now that she's cutting teeth. For the past two nights she has gotten up for 30-45 min. in the 3 am -4 am range. So I will be honest I am a wee bit tired. Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I will write more later.

Cookies in Good Company

Sunday evening (last night) was the night of the cookie exchange at Carla's lovely home. I felt so honored that they invited me even though I don't work at FBCC anymore. Everyone made such yummy goodies and we all pigged out on cookies and veggie dip trays. At the end everyone took home about a half a dozen of each of the different treats that people brought to the party. We talked and laughed and had a lovely time. Once the holidays are over we are going to try and do a crop night at one of the scrap booking stores. That will be a lot of fun. Look for some photos to be downloaded later on today from this special event with friends that are like family to me.