Monday, March 3, 2008

All in a day's work

Ripping out the nasty flooring down to the sub floor underneath where the dishwasher will go.

Dean patched this up before I could take a picture of all the work he did. He framed in the wall for when he's moving the window.

Figuring out the layout for the tile.

Isn't the counter going to be beautiful?

Dean laying the counter top.

A hard day's work. You can kind of see a kitchen forming here. It is such an exciting feeling.

The counter tops look great.

Dean worked so hard all day. He finally finished around 9 pm. He is the hardest working person I know. While Dean cleaned up all his tools and work space outside I cleaned the house and mopped the floors. I also had a chance to work on some art. It was a much needed thing. I worked on a turtle sketch for some friends of ours. I will start on the actual piece tomorrow. I have a ton of pictures to post tomorrow, hope everyone had a great evening.

The ultimate stroller

Well folks, here it is. My dream stroller. I saw one of these in an airport when I was pregnant with Zoe and fell in love with it instantly. It is the size of a regular jogger but fits two kids. I only wish the price was the same as a regular stroller. I am saving up for this at the moment. It retails $400 new. It should take me about two and a half months to save for this. I need a double jogger so I can start exercising. I am at my heaviest and I feel horrible about the way I look at the moment. I mostly feel tired and sluggish, nothing a little exercise wouldn't cure. So family, if any of you see one of these at a yard sale or know a friend who's getting rid of their Phil and Ted double jogger let me know. I am willing to pay $250 for one in excellent used condition.

For the fam

I figured I might start to get threatening calls if I didn't start posting some new pictures of the little ones. Here they are.