Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Handmade Birthday

Yes this has proven to be a most delightful birthday. I wish my hubby could have been here, but other than that it was pretty much perfect. The kids and I played pretty much the whole day. We ate hamburgers for two different meals, and fries also. I bought some beautiful new scrapbook papers for my upcoming illustrations. We had dinner with my dear friend Clair at McDonalds. The kids played while we talked. It was a wonderful birthday dinner. Clair made me some hand knit wool socks for my gift. I love them. They will keep my toes toasty and warm all winter long. When I arrived home my surrogate Mom Brenda came by and brought me flowers from her daughter Candice (one of my favorite people) and homemade cinnamon rolls. I was so touched by all the thoughtful gifts. My heart is warmed by all their kindness. What a perfect way to end a most certainly perfect birth day.

Another year, another beautiful year has passed. How grateful I am for all the many years I have lived on this earth. Here's to many more.

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Under Construction

There is a whole lotta workin' goin' on heer (to be said in a real thick accent). Not only have I been working on quite a few new projects, I really felt it was time to clean up and clean out the ol' blog. Change is good. It has given me that little bump of inspiration I needed. I am excited, recharged and ready to get things going. I can't wait for next weekend. Not only am I hosting a Thanksgiving Giveaway, but I will be updating the shop. I am excited about all that is going on. I hope you will patient with me as I try to streamline my blog to make it more user friendly and more pleasing on the eye. 

Commissioned Watercolor Portrait GIVEAWAY!!!!

Commissioned Watercolor Portrait GIVEAWAY!!!!

This is such an amazing giveaway hosted by Grosgrain. Suzanna of Sitting Pretty Studio had just hosted a portrait giveaway with an amazing response. I can understand why. Her watercolor portraits are soft and thoughtful. Kathleen was so impressed with her work that she asked Susanna if she could host a giveaway of her art on her very creative blog, Grosgrain. What a compliment. There is still time to enter this giveaway. So run over and leave a comment for your chance to enter this wonderful giveaway. Oh! and don't forget to visit Sitting Pretty Studio while your at it.