Saturday, November 6, 2010

When the Dust Settles

Dean moved everything into the middle of the room, 

& taped the rest of the house off. Don't you just love that light fixture?

He fixed a horrible patch job,

& patched up the doggy door. Yep this is the same doggy door I forced my daughter through a few weeks back when she locked us out of the house. Don't worry I just made a spare key.

All so he could start scraping the ceilings. 

& mud & texture the ceiling & walls.

My poor accent wall :(

There have been some big changes going on in our house these past few weeks. Dean has started the daunting task of scraping all the popcorn off of our ceilings. Every single room in the house has the dreaded popcorn treatment. It's actually a pretty easy process once you get started but let me tell you it is super messy. I am still sweeping & mopping up dust. Seriously so worth the mess. I can't even begin to tell you how much better the room looks now. We opted to go with the same caramel color for the walls that we had in our old home. I loved it so much there and it goes well with the accent color. I will have to paint the accent wall again but I don't even mind. I also took the ugly bulky chandelier and threw most of it away, then I painted the part I saved black. Although it is a bit small for the space it looks much better than the old one & will work until we can find what I really want. I'm thinking something with a bit of industrial flair, but fun & whimsical. So I don't expect to find it right away & I do expect it to cost a little more than a normal light. I already have a pretty solid vision for the rest of this room. The canvases for art will be prepped after Thanksgiving. Time for me to start painting big again. On the accent wall I'm planning to fill it with family photos old, new, small & large. I also have a fun idea I want to try with a quote. On the wall right next to the kitchen I plan on adding a giant canvas painted in chalkboard paint with a map of the world on it. My goal is to not only let the girls have artistic fun with this art piece but to teach them a little more about geography in the process. I feel that I know so little about different countries so I'll be learning right along with them. Last but not least we eventually need some dining room furniture. This will take as long as it takes. I really want to fill our home with fun yet functional pieces. I'm not willing to buy stuff just to fill a void in our home. I'd rather wait for what I really love & then add it to the mix. So at the moment I'm keeping my eyes wide open for the perfect furniture. I'll be sharing the after pictures very soon along with all the projects I have planned. Just waiting for the dust to settle.