Monday, January 26, 2009


Sketch of little Zoe

I tried to paint tonight. Let's just put it this way, I am rusty. It's been a few months. I tried and tried to work on several different ideas and just struggled all night long. So I decided to use the opportunity to sketch with pencil and paint. I don't usually take the time to do this. I did have fun. I have these two really lovely vintage gold frames that I painted black. I have wanted to do a painting of Zoe for one and Aris for the other for quite some time now. I think this color study sketch will be the idea behind the final painting. We will see. I am struggling with how I should proceed with my art. I have so many styles that I enjoy doing. Should I just stick to one? Feel free to leave suggestions.


Photo from LIFE archives

This one reminded me of  Norman Rockwell's painting "The Road block." Have you had a chance to use this new tool on the Google image home page? LIFE and Google collaborated to archive all of their images from magazines over the years. It is fascinating and fun to search through. 

Photo from Life archives

I love old photo's of children. I love looking at the way they used to dress and I wonder what life was like for them.

I found this on the Internet somewhere. I love their outfits and lunch boxes. This picture reminds me of an old photo I have that I used for a painting in art school. Do I feel a painting coming on? Do you love that little guys hat as much as I do?

I found this via the Internet also. Most old photos that I find no longer have a home. When I find these photos in boxes at yard sales or thrift stores, they haunt me. Calling my name. I stare at them and try to figure out how someone first of all would get rid of such treasures. Then I imagine the stories each photo tells. A mother with her children, so devoted and loving, probably going though some of the same trials that we modern day mothers go through. I then wonder if the same fate will come to our photos. Memories on paper, faded and sometimes blurry but always special. Old photos are one of my favorite things. Just thought I would share.