Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th everyone. I am happy to announce that our computer problems have been resolved thanks to the most amazing and wonderful, did I mention wonderful and amazing husband in the whole world? Dean surprised me with a brand new Mac. I can hardly stand it. I have wanted one for such a long time. He wanted something the whole family could enjoy, but something I would be able to use with my art also. I am so excited to learn how to use this brand new tool. I did have some more pictures to post from our fun filled week, however it may be a few days until I figure out how to bring all our photos from the old computer to the new one. Wish me luck!
PS. If you re a Mac owner and you have any helpful hints on how to work the programs, please let me know.

The Run!

We were greeted by this fun sight. Free balloon rides for all. It was such a pretty site to see first thing in the morning. Very unexpected.

Here we are, Melanie & myself right before the run. We jogged and walked and finished in 48 minutes. Not a great time by any means, but we finished and that's what matters.

The run was at the Sparks Marina. They had a ton of fun activities going on for families and I am almost positive once the sun goes down they have a nice little fire works display. This picture is of a homemade boat race. Can you say "Total blast"?

This run made me want to kick it up a notch. I am so blessed to have a great friend to walk with every morning. It is helpful to have someone to be accountable to for your morning workouts. I will admit there are some mornings I would much rather sleep in. We are already planning another run, this next one we want to beat our time and run for more of the race. I will keep you posted. I am most excited that I have met the first part of one of my goals I set for myself this year. Yeah!

My First 5k

I am off to jog my first 5k! I just started getting a little nervous (only because I am still sooo out of shape). I will post more about it later today. Wish me luck!