Thursday, August 13, 2009


I love this picture. It is one I will treasure forever. Isaac is my younger brother. My little brother who is now taller than me. All of my siblings are. How does that happen? I'm the oldest of the kids, and the shortest. Isaac and I have a very unique relationship. When we were younger I think there were times he really had a hard time liking me. I guess that sometimes happens with siblings. As we grew older and moved further apart, our relationship as brother and sister was at times a little less than pleasant. I think he pretty much thought I was a horrible person due to several choices I had made up to that point. I don't blame him. I had made some pretty crazy messes with my life, and some of those decisions had affected many family members. No matter, I still loved my brother deeply. I have always respected him even when he wanted nothing to do with me. A few years back a funny thing happened. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Little Zoe Evelyn was born on the same day as my brother. I called him to let him know how excited I was that they would share the same birthday. It wasn't a phone call like those from the pages of a great book, or dramatic like those of the silver screen. It was a simple and perfect conversation. One that I had longed for for many years. Over the past 3 & a half years I think we have slowly mended those wounds and started a new chapter in our friendship. I just adore this guy. Super talented, funny, and wonderful. So glad to call him my brother.


My mom is such a sweetheart. The girls call her Booma. Pronounced Boo-ma. Sloan was the one who gave her that name and it has stayed. Everyone should have a Booma. She is the best.