Monday, July 25, 2011

19th Finish

I thought I'd let you have a little peek at my sketch process. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get a sketch just right the first time. Other times I can sketch for a couple hours or over the course of a few days before I get things just right. This was such a fun little project to work on. My sweet friend Susan asked if I would illustrate a coloring book page for her sister Karens' wedding reception. They first saw the idea ::here:: Adorable no? They wanted to keep it simple & have space at the bottom so guests could write them wishes or hopes for their new life together. They will be putting them all together into a folder so the couple can look back on them throughout the years. Such a fun idea!

Here is the final product!

 I thought this would be the last of the wedding commissions for me but it isn't. The other day a friend saw the birdcage tags I made for my cousins wedding & she wants me to make some tags for her sisters wedding!!! So excited. I might even be adding these new items into my poor forgotten Etsy shop, lol! Maybe I'll even get around to photographing all the stacks of things I need to put into my vintage Etsy store. Sigh, so much to do!!!!

I am almost done with my 20th finish & hope to share it with you tomorrow or the next day. I'm also very excited to share the upcoming 3 finishes that I'll be working on for a dear friend of mine. It involves tons of cute vintage goodness. 

19 Down, 33 To go!