Thursday, May 12, 2011

2nd Quilt Top

Remember this quilt top I started a while back? 

Well I finally finished everything but the edges & then I got busy with life. With sick kids, other projects that people commissioned me to do. I was a little stumped on how to finish the edges. Sometimes that's just one more excuse to add to the list of reasons why something sits unfinished. 

I already had purchased the fabrics to possibly use but every idea I had just didn't feel right. I thought & thought about it & finally figured when all else fails go with plain & simple. Sometimes the plainest of fabrics can add the biggest impact. I have seen some beautiful quilts lately made of solid colors & they look so beautiful. Once I decided what color (or the lack there of) that I wanted to use all that was left is the pattern. Once again I was stumped! Everything I thought of didn't feel quite right. Then I thought, why not just continue the log cabin? Eureka! Funny how once you figure out what will work everything just flows from there. 

 I plan on using the rest of the fabrics I purchased for the backing of the quilt. I will probably include at least one if not more of the above panels on the back also.

Looking forward to finishing this up this weekend. 
What projects will you be working on?