Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Post Script in Reference to Post Below

I know this is a playroom. I found this image on Better Homes & Gardens newsletter that I get through email. On the other side of the room was a cute small sofa that pulled out into a bed. In my perfect world, I would have a studio with beautiful built-in's like this. Not my plastic Walmart Rubbermaid version in the photos below. Alas, they are better than nothing at all. Just thought I'd let you know I wasn't complaining. Just dreaming. We all gotta start somewhere right?

Too Many Projects

In the process of organizing this little space (my studio) & our Master bedroom (no pictures, it's still a disaster) Check out the nasty floor. That will be changing very soon I hope. A slate floor to match the backsplash. It should be beautiful. 

Trying to finish up these. Then I can work on the long list of things I still need to accomplish. A girls work is never done.