Sunday, October 11, 2009

Studio Progress

I woke up Saturday morning not really knowing what the day would hold.

You can imagine my excitement when Dean started working.........

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!On this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoot! Whoot!

Hard to believe that just a few months back this was a promise, now its a reality! Dean said he will try to work on the playhouse deck & ladder next weekend if weather allows. Eventually there will be a large deck attached to the left of the studio that will wrap around the tree. We will put our table and chairs on that side for outdoor lunches and sunset dinners in late spring and summer. The branch is perfect for holding an old chandelier that we can light up while eating in the evenings. I can hardly wait! To the right of the studio will be the swing set. The girls can hardly wait for that part to happen. I'm just tickled pink with everything Dean has done. He is such a hard worker! Man am I lucky to be married to this guy or what!?!

I want you to know that so far this whole project has cost a little under $300. Almost all of the building supplies have been repurposed & upcycled materials from the different remodels that Dean has worked on. The wood he got for a killer deal, $50! The Trex deck material that he is using for the deck was salvaged from a deck remodel he did up at Lake Tahoe about 2 years ago. This is stuff that clients want him to haul away to the dump. Dean asks if he may use it & the clients are always happy to save on a dump fee. It's a win win situation. These are materials that are still in good shape just not what the client wanted anymore. It feels good to give it a second life and it sure does help the ol' pocketbook.

We have had such a fun & busy weekend. I'll have to share the rest of our adventures tomorrow. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too.

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Cute Halloweeny Giveaway

I don't know about you, but I love to get comments. They just make my day & always bring a smile to my face. I recently received a comment from Jackie of Fat Jack Originals. She makes the most adorable sculptures. She is also hosting a Halloween giveaway for one of her cute Halloween creations, it will be something similar to the one pictures above. So run on over and say hello!