Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sneaky Peaky

Here is a little sneaky peaky of Friday's giveaway. I am very excited about this one. I don't make as much art as I would like that is geared toward boys. I have all girls, so I find myself doing mostly girlie things. I am excited to see how it turns out. 

I am Working on......

So here it is. A peek at the project that has been taking up all of my thought and brain power as of lately. I have the honor of working on a basement playroom remodel for a very lovely family that I know. I will be making the presentation on Thursday. Tonight I went and picked the wall colors. Tomorrow I will be meeting with my friend Gloria. Gloria is such a kind lady. She works in flooring and is meeting me at one of our local flooring stores to help me pick out just what I need to meet the clients needs. I tried to go to Lowe's and get samples but they wanted $25 per sample. I think I am a little spoiled. I am used to the showroom where I used to work. We always had reps begging us to take their samples. They knew if we had their samples on hand we were more likely to use them in our design projects. So needless to say I am extremely grateful to Gloria for her help in the flooring department. When all is said and done, I promise to post the big reveal.

New Links!

I am always amazed at the talented and kind people I keep meeting via the blogging neighborhood. Anne form Firefly Hill Style is one of those people. Actually she found me through another blog. I am happy she did. Anne makes the most amazing bags. I love her sense of color and design. All her bags are made out of the most fun and unique fabrics. She sells them for what I consider to be a very reasonable price for a handmade bag. They would make a great gift for a mom, sister, aunt or best friend. Heck! It would be great to get one for yourself. If you haven't had a chance to visit her blog yet, I would highly recommend it. Anne also features the most lovely photo's of her beautiful home (she lives on a farm in New Jersey) and the surroundings of her adventures to farms and other interesting locations. I also enjoy seeing the posts she does on different colors that inspire her. So hop on over and take a peek. Hey mom, if you are reading this, I'll take the cute bag in the first picture.

Anne's link has been added to my links to the side of my blog.

This is What I Found

On Saturday before lunch, this is what I found. Zoe had taken almost every puzzle, game, and board book that we own out of the closet. 

I wondered why it was so quiet. She played for almost a half an hour by herself. So should I really complain about the mess?

Yesterday before lunch, this is what I found. Yep. Babyzilla on the veranda of the Fisher Price Mansion. It would have been even funnier if she was making roaring noises, and rolling her head around a little. She just kind of stood there with a smile on her face that said, "Mom, when it's this quite, you should know I'm up to something". Yep. Good mothering skills. I should totally win an award or something.