Friday, August 14, 2009

I *Heart* Books

I started these ever so long ago it seems.I finally finished them up yesterday afternoon. The lighting was terrible by the time I had a chance to take pictures. So during nap time today I went ahead and photographed them and added them to the shop.

"Books are Awesome!"

All the lettering is hand stitched.

This little guy would look great on some one's wall or in a child's room.

"I Love to Read!"

I used real ribbon to make her cute little red hair bows.

More hand stitched letters.

Little button brads were used on all of their shoes.

These little critters are framed and ready to go. I am willing to sell them as a set for a reduced price. Please let me know if you are interested.

Three Musketeer's Friday

Photo by Melodie (aka::mom) edited by me

Every Friday I watch this darling little girl. Little Ashlyn is about 6 months younger than Aris. The girls love having her over and she is such an easy little girl to watch. She's kinda like one of the family. Hope you all are having a happy Friday.