Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am Working on......

I am a little rusty at sewing. A couple months has taken it's toll on my skills. So this first dress will be for my girls. They won't mind playing with a dress that has imperfections (wink, wink). They just love the fact that they have another dress to play with. I am almost finished with the first one. However now that I have remembered some little tricks while making this dress, the others should go much smoother. I also hope to make them assembly style. Hopefully I will have them all done by Monday night. This is my goal. Now if everyone at my house can just stay healthy, go to bed on time, sleep in the next morning I am sure the dresses will get finished. 

I have some fun ideas for my next sewing rotation. The whole reason I went to the thrift store tonight was to buy an embroidery hoop. They cost a lot more in the retail stores. I got my used one for $0.69. Can't wait to show you what I am going to make with it. It's a doll, but I am not saying anymore. You'll have to wait and see. Next week will be my week to create in paper. I am excited. I have a few projects already in the works that I need to finish up. 

It is so fun to see so many new people stopping by my blog. Thanks for leaving comments. It really brightens up my day. Being a stay at home mom is so rewarding, but the lack of adult contact is sometimes a drag. Reading comments is a total pick me up, it helps me to keep on track. I feel like if someone is reading my blog I should maybe follow through on all the things I am trying to accomplish in this crazy life of mine. So have a happy week and I can't wait to see what YOU are working on.

Thrift Store Finds, why?

$2.99 Because I'm cooking more

$0.69 Because I love to read to my girls, and they love to read too.

$1.99 Because Zoe loved it.

$3.99 Because its brand new from GAP & Sloan needs clothes.

Top was half off of $3.99, Skirt was $2.99. Because Sloan can't wait to wear this to church.

Last but not least....... Because I love a bargain!