Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just A Little Hello

We have been pretty busy around here but mostly I have been taking a lot of naps with the girls and reading them lots of books while snuggled in our bed. I've been letting Dean cook whenever he wants and keeping up with the house as best as I can. I recently have made it a point to be in bed before 10pm, mostly because I am too tired to even watch television after the fact. I feel rested & have loved the special time with my sweet girls. It has taken a toll on the ol' creative schedule. That's okay. The schedule can wait. It will have it's turn once again in the spring. Right now I will enjoy the extra time with all the people I love most. I will still be posting here and there but am taking an unofficial break from my day to day blogging schedule....just until after the holidays. I haven't felt 100% lately and the best thing I can do for my family and myself is to slow down a little. Hugs to you all!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Art Night

First art night with Sloan.

Second art night with Sloan.

You can click on the above drawings to see all the detail. I've tried art night with Sloan in the past & it's kind of a hit or miss thing. She recently asked if we could start drawing together again. I haven't been feeling very well lately so it's been fun to work on art with my girl. She motivates me & I think I do the same for her. She gets a little frustrated sometimes when she doesn't get things just right. I explain that it takes years, YEARS, to sometimes have art look the way you want it to. Even then you still will make mistakes. I also also emphasize there really are no mistakes in art, only happy accidents :)

I chose to give her the little Van Gogh book I bought at a thrift store. It's vintage and has that dusty old smell (I love that smell). I feel that Van Gogh is a pretty easy artist to understand. The movement & emotion of his paintings span the generations. You & I as adults might read a deeper meaning from his work, but children understand a certain level of emotion from his works also. Sloan was very fascinated with the story of the artist chopping off his ear. I explained his life in age appropriate terms. Didn't feel she needed to know about the prostitutes & drug use. She loves his use of color and all the different brush strokes in his paintings. I would have to agree with her.

So from time to time I will be posting our art night sessions. If any of you do this with your kids, please let me know. It would be so much fun to link back to your art nights too :) Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Newest Card

I finished up Novembers card for
You can download it now for free!

(Card is made with various scrapbook paper & embroidery thread)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

Remember this darling Halloween feast over at

I won this little guy! How cute is he? I tried to take some pictures of him myself but Amelia's photos did it the justice it deserves. Thank you so much for this darling Halloween treat. It will be treasured for years to come.

Here they are! Sloan was a fairy, Abby was a witch (friendly of course) Aris was a ladybug, & Zoe was Princess Jasmin.

This is the third year we have gone trick-or-treating with Abby & her mom. It's sort of our Halloween tradition if you will. Something we look forward to. The girls got a ton of candy and had fun in the process.

Zoe got into the Halloween spirit this year & Aris really understood the concept of receiving candy. She even said trick-or-treat & thank you. It was pretty adorable.

She was a little apprehensive about running right up to the doors. She watched to make sure the girls were not scared & then made her way up to the door. This was pretty much the scene at every door.

This poor guy got a little lost last night! Maybe Mars was out of candy bars? Lol! Okay so it's a lame joke. We all got a kick out of him & had to pose for some pictures.

We had such a fun Halloween. Hope you all had a great time too!