Saturday, October 27, 2007

A fun little carnival

Popeye's first costume

Halloween 2006 at Bumma and Pop pop's home Ocala, Florida

Halloween carnival 2007 at church in Sparks, NV

Halloween 2006

Tonight after the carnival

Today was busy, but very productive. I finished the hugely cheesy pumpkins that I meant to finish days ago. All I have to do is put a clear coat on them tomorrow. It only took me a few hours one I got started. One side has pumpkin faces for Halloween, and the other side is just a plain pumpkin for Thanksgiving. I wanted them to have a double use. Deans' Mom asked me to paint her a Santa and his sleigh with reindeer, for Christmas. I will start on a sketch in the next few days. I need to finish a scrap booking contest that is due on Thursday. I have a 12x12 page layout, card, and gift tag to finish. All have to coordinate. The theme is "What I am thankful for". I have the rough sketch down on paper and most of the scrap booking elements gathered together. Tomorrow, when I am able this project will be my main focus. I am really wanting to start that giant canvas. It is calling my name along with a few other projects I haven't started yet.

The carnival at church was very well done and fun for the kids. Everyone had fun. It was nice to go as a family. Did you like our tacky Wendy's diner pictures? Can you believe how big the girls are getting? I am so tired, so now I will sleep for a while. Goodnight.

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