Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Day out

The architecture is amazing

This is a sculpture of Wednesday's castle. Wednesday is a fairy I think. This entire sculpture was made of things found in nature. You can't see them but there were these exquisite little fairies and a n amazing dragon. So very awesome.

One of the galleries in the San Diego Museum, we were told it was OK to take pictures. This old lady docent almost kicked my but after I took this picture. I seriously almost panicked, like I was a kid being caught doing something I wasn't supposed to. So this is why there are no more photo's of the "inside" of the museum.

A reflecting pool

Some children's costume hat's from China

This was a mixed media quilt. It was one of my favorite thing's aside from the Wednesday's castle sculpture.

This was such a fun day. Dean and I were able to go out for the day while his mom watched Zoe and Sloan. We had a blast. I can't wait to visit the museums again when we visit at Christmas

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