Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Recital

Katrina and Sloan

Fat momma and Sloan

Hey, it's the famous "Hi mom!", moment.

The final bow

Sloan and Hailey, they are in class together.

The girls were in an Orient themed dance. They were Oriental candy cane dancers. Sloan is the one one the far right in the picture and the video above. The video is pretty choppy, thats because I filmed it on my digital camera.

Part of the finale

The recital was so great, the girls did so well. Mrs. Kathrine is such an awesome teacher. She is very creative and good with the girls. I always look forward to these recitals. She does them twice a year. It's also fun to see all the little one's I used to teach at FBCC. The recitals are always at the Museum of fine art here in Reno. It is a lovely venue and the perfect size for the performance. Every year Sloan gets better at dancing. I look forward to the next few years of dancing with Mrs. Kathrine.

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