Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Every little thing is going to be all right

The finished product.

The painting of Sloan and I that hangs in the girls room now.

These are the kind of tacky gold frames I am trying to find. They can be any shape or size, large or small. If you know where I can find some please leave a comment. The large oval frame came from a dear friend and the small oval frame came from a thrift store in San Diego.

The idea. I sketched this when Zoe was little.

The finished painting up close. I am going to call it "Every little thing is going to be all right". After a Bob Marley song. Its one of Sloans favorite songs and Bob Marley is her favorite musician. This will go on their wall with the other painting I did of Sloan and I.


Rose Mary said...

I love the paintings. The one of Sloan is just precious! Those old frames can be found at a lot of flea markets and thrift stores. It just takes a lot of 'looking', but the hunt is always fun!

Eliza said...

I love your paintings!! Especially the one of you and sloan. I always keep my sketches, too, mine are stuffed in an old notebook full of ideas. Keep up the beautiful work!