Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A few minutes to relax

I was able to take a 3 hour nap today! Can you believe it! Everyone cooperated and it was so wonderful. Today was busy but good. I just spoke with Molly Dillon tonight. She is the head of the Northern Nevada branch of the JDRF. It is time to start getting ready for the annual JDRF Vision Gala. This will be my fourth year helping out. It is such an awesome event. They have the most amazing silent auction. All the money raised from the auction and ticket sales going to help fund research for a cure. This year they are also hoping to get an entertainer to come and perform for the event. I already have two friends that are willing to donate art for the auction. I will be working over the next few months to try and round up donations from artists and businesses. If you or anyone you know are interested in donating something for the auction, please call me or e-mail me with contact information so I can call and send them the proper forms needed for the auction donations. No donation is too small and all are appreciated. This is a cause I am passionate about. I hope that in Sloan's lifetime they will find a cure for diabetes.
It is almost time for Popeye to go to sleep. I am feeding her cereal at night with the hope that it will help her sleep a little better. This is my first try so we will see. Oh she just looked up at me and smiled. I love that. I have so little time to create and as much as I would love to write more I am going to cut it short and panit tonight. Hope everyone had a great day. I will post some photos tomorrow.

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Eliza (from Cordwood Cabin) said...

I wish you the best with your charity auction work...and with getting Popeye to sleep (little ones always seem to cling to awakeness, or at least I always did when I was little). Hope to see your new pictures soon!
P.S. I noticed you like children's books and illustrations -- are you a fan of Jessie Wilcox Smith, too?