Friday, February 8, 2008

Popcorn Friday

Penny and Nate working on the art project.

Clair, Penny's mom helping out.

Little Eric and Zoe snarfing down the popcorn.

Penny, Nate, Abby, and Sloan.

Charlotte eating some popcorn.

Today was Popcorn Friday at Hillary's home. We also planed a little Valentine art project that kind of turned into a free for all, but that's all good. The kids seemed to have fun making a creative mess with glitter, glue, feathers and other crafty little items. Then all the kids went outside and ran around like a pack of wild animals. Zoe played in the sand box. Let me tell you that kid had more sand in her diaper than if we had spent a day at the beach. Have you ever had to change a poopie diaper filled with sand? It was quite a process.
Last night I didn't get anything accomplished at all. Zoe was up until 12 midnight and then when I finally said time for bed I had to sleep with her the whole night. Her nose is running constantly and her cough is terrible, all of that and the sneezing made for a very restless night. She kept waking up and I guess she just wanted to know someone was there.
I am hoping that tomorrow I can get back to work on my sunflower family painting. We will see how the day unfolds.

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