Monday, February 11, 2008

Friends old and new

Kathe with the girls.

Kathe showing off the rock, all 1.5 carrots of it.

Sloanie reading to Zoe.

Today was one of those teaser days. The weather was beautiful and I dressed myself and the girls in long sleeve shirts and it was warm enough that no one needed a coat. I felt so alive and well rested. A very odd thing for me to feel, considering I am almost always sleep deprived these days. The school morning routine was smooth and filled with laughter and fun. I know I am not the only one who felt the hint of spring in the air. After the girls went down for a nap, I started a sketch for my next piece. I am going to do another paper illustration of three little animals, with the saying "great friends". I also have an idea for an alligator with three little birds riding on his back, and a cup cake illustration I would like to do. Cup cakes are pretty big these days. I have always loved the idea of giving human characteristics to inanimate objects. What would be more fun than a cup cake that has a cut little smile?

I were also blessed with the company of my dear friend Kathe. She is my official eyebrow wax er. Doing a better job than anyone in the profession that you would pay almost $40 to do the same job. She has always been so kind to my little Sloan and my family, and has earned herself the nickname "Auntie Kathe". She was responsible for altering my perfect wedding dress that I found to fit my bulging pregnant belly. She threw me baby showers and has helped out with my little ones while I was in labor. She has made birthday cakes for Sloan. She is a true friend. I am so blessed to have her in my family. On a recent trip to Cancun, her boyfriend of two years proposed to her. She is delighted. I am excited for her happiness. They will be married on Halloween. I already know what I am making for her wedding gift. We had a lovely visit and the girls had fun telling her all the new things they are doing.

I am heading to bed now, but tomorrow I will add some pictures to this post and hopefully add the finished art work that I started on today.


Eliza at Cordwood Cabin said...

I love the illustrator's work below (especially the elephants!). A Halloween wedding would guarantee never forgetting your anniversary (I know a couple getting married on April Fool's Day this year...seriously). You should post the sketches for your latest ideas, the animals, alligator, and of course, the smiling cupcake -- we'd love to see them. Take care and enjoy art!

Summer Swanson said...

I will post the sketches tonight. Thanks for the sweet e-mail.