Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'll take some cabinets, but hold the beans and tennis balls

The pea trap for our new garbage disposal and "used but new to us dishwasher" will hook up to this pipe.

Dean had to re plumb the kitchen and redo the electric. The exposed spot in the wall is where he will be putting in a phone jax.

Here he is installing the cab's.

Redoing all the plumbing.

Let me tall you, he started the plumbing last night woke up and finished it around 2 in the afternoon today. Not only did he have to crawl around under our home to do this messy job, but he did it in the freezing cold weather and had to lay in a puddle of water while he did it. I wouldn't have the guts to do this. He is so amazing.

Installing the cab's.

Our new Lazy Susan.

We had to eat out again tonight. We ate at Straw Hat Pizza. Sloan loves the restaurant because they have tiny TVs at the tables and it is one of the few times she actually can watch TV during dinner. We are very strict about no TV when we are eating as a family. It's one of the few times during the day that we are all together. We take that time to talk about what happened during our day. Tonight was one of those perfect examples of why we don't change this rule. Sloan hardly said a word. It is a fun treat for her. We went to the hardware store and bought tiles for the counter top and picked out a color to paint the cab's. The paint color is a dark brownish green color. It will look really nice with the marble tiles on the counter and the slate on the floor and back splash. It also looks lovely with our living room paint and the slate in the kitchen will tie in with the slate in our bathroom. The walls will eventually be painted a deep grayish green or a deep cranberry red. We are truly blessed. All the cabinets were free. Dean was asked to demo a kitchen almost a year ago, and they offered the cabs to him. They are nice enough for our little home. With a coat of paint they will look brand new. All our appliances are taken from remodels also. People in Incline only want stainless steal in their kitchen remodels and are more than happy for you to take the new "old" appliances off their hands. It's a tax write off. This kitchen remodel will probably take the next few months to completely finish. I am so excited for this start.

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sara ferrel said...

i looooove the cupcake you drew (as you can imagine). it turned out great!

im way jealous of your kitchen, i cant wait to see it when dean is done!