Monday, February 4, 2008

A little color added

I got a pretty good start on this last night considering Dean and I watched a movie that we had to turn in this morning. I am hoping to have it finished up by tonight. I'm kind of on a roll and I don't want to loose my motivation. So I will probably paint a few more things and then hopefully start some sewing this weekend. Look for the finished picture late this evening.


Rose Mary said...

That's looking so pretty, Summmer. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest!

Eliza said...

We would love to meet a little Snow Bunny! I don't know yet if the Mad Hatter will be reissued, but I think he will eventually (especially as a miniature). I don't use patterns a lot either. I find that freehanding the design on fabric is sometimes easier, especially with dolls and sculpture work. The painting looks many pieces will you paint for an art exhibit? Oh, and please post some pictures of your stitch work--we can't wait to see them!