Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Queen of the Lovebirds

Here it is, frame and all. You can see the gold leafing a little better here.

This is the up close shot of the painting. The only bummer is the gold leafing looks super dull when I scan my work.

Time to start another painting. I will prep for my next piece tonight. Look for some pictures of the girls, I plan on taking some photos of them tonight.


Eliza from Cordwood Cabin said...

It's beautiful!!! Love Birds are perfect for Valentines Day...I love the shades of green you chose, that perfect light spring look....I can't wait to see your next one! It reminds me of a fairytale frontspiece, like a princess before her castle.

Rose Mary said...

Summer!! It's so pretty! I love the way it turned out! I'm glad to see that you are starting to sell your work~you are so talented that you'll do great!

Summer Swanson said...

Thank you both for your compliments. I have to say that surounding myself with creative people is a total motivator. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. The whole "up for sale" thing is me out on a limb. I am new to all this. To me, it's humbling to ask for people to pay for my work. I have sold many things over the years, some things for quite a bit of money. It still never ceases to amaze me when people want to buy my stuff. Thanks again for believing in me.