Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Natural birth

I watched a really good documentary at Hill's house today, "The business of being born." It is worth watching. I have also been reading a book "Birth, The surprising history of how we are born." Both are very informative. Birth is such a personal thing for every single woman. Stop any mother on the street and ask them about the birth of their child and I grantee they can describe the whole experience with vivid remembrance down to the most minute detail. I know I can for all three of my girls. Why has the birthing process been portrayed as such a terrifying thing? I always wanted an epidural with all of my girls. After the birth of Aris, the epidural didn't take, I would never want one again. It was the most intense thing I have ever done. It wasn't scary. When I had Sloan I was so afraid, her birth was very rough. Zoe's birth was very peaceful. Aris' birth made me realize that I could do this on my own if we decide to have another child. What I mean by that statement is, no drugs, and defiantly a Douala or midwife, or both. A hospital would be in case of emergency. There are so many crazy facts in both the movie and book that sound like something strait out of a horror movie. People get all bent out of shape about how the government treats prisoners, take a look at the practice of "Twilight Sleep", something that Dr.'s deemed normal practice for many, many years. Don't get me wrong, it is horrible what happens in the prisons and I don't agree with the torture of anyone. It is just shocking what science gets away with sometimes because Dr.'s decide that it's best for the patient. Awful. Both the book and the movie are factual, neither try to sway you toward natural birth with a midwife over the care or a Dr. I will, however guess that most people will agree after watching the movie and reading the book, natural birth is, and would be preferred.

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sara ferrel said...

that book sounds interesting! i read a book a day, so maybe ill pick that one up next! xoxoxo!