Friday, February 1, 2008

The White Rabbit joins Alice

The White Rabbit with Alice and Dinah.

The White Rabbit has a list that should be here shortly.
Here are two of the darling creations from my friends at Cordwood Cabin. If you have a chance to take a peek at their blog it is worth it. They have quite the imaginations. If you happen to see the Mad Hatter, don't even think about biding on him, he's mine, all mine! Ah hahahahahaha! Just kidding of corse, but he would be a perfect addition to my Alice and White rabbit don't you think? Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday. I will be starting another painting today and then tomorrow I will be starting a series of some sewing art. It has been a while and I have a few pieces of mending to do. If I am going to take the time to bring out the sewing stuff, its going to be for more than just the mending.


Eliza from Cordwood Cabin said...

We're so glad you loved the rabbit! He was tremendous fun to make, especially his little paper-mache limbs...I loved doing them so much I made a ton of them, all strung up to dry on a wire. Thanks so much for saying such great things about us! We look forward to seeing your sewing art -- what kind of project are you starting? I hope you post pictures of your "in progress" work... I love seeing fellow artists' work environment, like the pictures of your old paint tray, or signs of a busy art table.
P.S. I'm glad your fan of Wilcox's illustrations, too. I've been a fan since I saw the Child's Garden of Verses she illustrated, and even took up collecting books with her illustrations, like The Water Babies and her fairy tale pictures. Her work is beautiful, I'd frame it all over my walls if I could.

Eliza said...

Also, I am thinking of doing a Tweedledum and Tweedledee -- I haven't decided it they should be soft-bodied pillow dolls or stand up on little legs {like Papageno, only with shoes :-) } Maybe I'll post a few sketches as I try to make up my mind....