Monday, March 10, 2008

Please don't leave a comment unless you are going to leave a REAL comment!!!

Please do not leave a comment unless you are actually going to leave, well how should I put this, a comment! This is the second day I have opened up my blog home page only to find that a very unthoughtful person has left a suspicious looking comment under one of my posts. It usually just has the blogger link and the comment reads "see here" or "see here or here". What the link send you to is a bogus site advertising malware and other your computer may be infected jargon. I panicked when I first saw this, ran a comprehensive virus scan and didn't find anything. But how irritating is that? Not to mention extremely rude. I love receiving comments from fellow readers. It is fun to read what people have to say about things. That's what the comment button is for. From now on please understand suspicious comments will be erased. Also all my family, friends, or fellow blogger reading this if you ever happen upon one of these "bogus" comments before I can delete it from my blog, please don't follow the link. Thanks so much for listening to my rantings.


Cristin said...

Summer, I miss you.

Terribly. Sorry about earlier. My phone died on me again. I can't wait to see the pictures from this weekend!!!

Have a great day tomorrow! And give my love to all the little pumpkins!

Summer Swanson said...

No worries! I miss you ton's. Just glad you are home safely. Talk to you soon.