Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another busy week ahead

I have a ton to do over the next few days. I will be posting as much as possible, however my posts may be a little shorter than usual. I will probably be posting a ton of photo's to tell about our day's just because.

Dean and I have worked on cleaning all weekend long. Dean worked in the yard, I worked in the house. We are trying to get things going on the remodel again. Plus we just found out Cindy, Eric and Jen are coming to visit on Friday. I love it when any of Dean's family comes to visit. It helps me to not miss my family back in Florida so much. We want the house to be clean and tidy when everyone visits. Dean and I always talk about how we wish we had all the money we needed to finish all the work around our house. We are always doing things as we have the funds. We don't want to go into debt, so we can fix up everything now. Things would get done way faster if we were rich! (smile) Oh well, even though we are not rich we have a lot of happiness in our little family.

Enough about $, I will leave you with a picture of the work area from the next 3 project I am working on. Take care everyone.

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