Thursday, March 20, 2008

Come one, come all! To the cutest carnival on earth!

The sign says, "Pull egg out, three tickets, under 30 or 60 can do this."

This sign says, "Catch balloons, 40 and under can do this."

Here is the "balloon catch" game. Sloan put the balloon over the fan and the air coming out of the fan kept it in place. The point of the game was for Zoe to catch the balloon as it floated in the air.

The carnival tickets.

Sign reads, "Carnival this one of tickets are 9 tickets, tickets four each ride or food." We need to work on her grammar skills a bit. This sign was on her door to welcome and inform everyone who came to the carnival.

This was the "Squirt the water game". Zoe loved this one.

Zoe trying to catch the balloon.

Sloan created this little carnival for Zoe because she knew she wasn't feeling well. It was the cutest thing ever. All the games were geared to Zoe. Zoe and Sloan played them all day long. I am not kidding you on this part. Sloan is such an imaginative little girl. It is fun to see what she can do when I don't put boundaries on her creativity. This is one of those "moments" from life I will always hold dear to my heart. If you could have been in our home today, you would understand why my heart is so happy. I sure do love my little family.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about this carnival from the creator herself. Wow, what creative thoughts come from that precious Sloanie of mine. I loved hearing about it over the phone, and the pictures were a wonderful visual for me. I only wish I could have attended this awesome celebration!!! Perhaps when ya'll come to Florida to visit, we can have a carnival at Bumma's home. I would love it!!! Love you guys soooo much. I hope my Zoe Zoe gets well very soon.