Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Day

Hailey, isn't she a doll?

The girls playing.

My little Air Bear!

Sloanie hamming it up during our special time tonight. She knew I was doing an illustration for Katie, so she made some things to give to Katie, Justin and Liz.

She wanted to pretend she was sleeping.

Mom look!

Please sir, can I have some more?

Today was my second time watching Hailey. She was so adorable the whole time. All the girls had an awesome day today. Everyone slept well and ate well. My third day at the school went so well also. Sloan and I were able to spend some mommy daughter time together almost every night this week. She is so much fun and every time we play a game or draw together she says,"This is the funnest time ever mom, thank you!". My heart just just melts. I love that little Sloan more than anything. It is fun to see what a neat little person she is turning into.
I started on the turtle illustration tonight. Finally. It's been far too long since I have done art work. There are no good excuses but the kitchen remodel threw me for a loop. Things are finally to a point where I can work at the table. I will post some pictures of my progress tomorrow. I will leave you with some photos from this wonderful day.


sara ferrel said...

aww thank you for posting the pictures! i love them! we have the cutest kids ever. xoxoxo!

sara ferrel said...

PS> im stealing some of these and putting them on my myspace! hope that is okay.

you need to make a myspace so tony and i can harrass you on it! hehe.