Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last of the photos

This is Hailey with my two little ones. I have started watching her every Thursday. She is a total cutie.

Left to right: Carla, Lisa, Leslie, Me and in the front is Judy.

This was the lunch Carla invited me to at the local Outback Steakhouse. She had purchased two tickets to the private lunch. The tickets were to raise money for Baseball team Glenda's daughter plays on. Glenda was Sloan's first grade Teacher. They are a very good team and travel all over because they win so many tournaments. The money helps to cover all the traveling costs. Carla's husband was unable to attend so she called and invited me. It was delicious and I had such a lovely time with all my friends from FBCC.

Thanks Carla for inviting me to lunch! It was a special treat. Thank you Cristin for watching my girls so I could go. What a very special day.

Sorry it took me so long to upload all these photos. For some reason I have had some trouble uploading photos the past few days. Is anyone else having a hard time with this?

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