Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two babies?

Two, not one but two babies today. It was my first official day watching little Haley. She is so cute. I thought things wouldn't run as well as they did. Everything was calm and I only had two different times when both babies were crying at the same time. Zoe was very helpful and even tried to feed Haley her bottle once. Zoe is so helpful sometimes and other times she just tells me NO! It's what I call selective helpfulness and every child suffers from it. I am sure I did too. (Mom you aren't allowed to leave examples.) We are starting with one day a week with the possibility of a few times a week as the babies get a little older.
Sloan had a craft day at school today. She did such a great job on all of them. I look at her these days and shes growing up so fast. I am having a hard time adjusting to this new little person. It is strange to have the dynamics of the mother daughter relationship shift so drastically in just a few months time. She just doesn't need me in the same ways she has for so many years. It is also strange for me to hear her talking about how "cool" Hannah Montana is and her favorite High School Musical star is Zach (he is a cutie). She also wants to feel like shes in charge of things, not in a bossy way but the ability to make her own decisions. This is a hard one for me. You don't like to see your child fail. Cindy, my sweet mother in law and I talked about this little issue during the holidays. I am working very hard on allowing Sloan to make more decisions on her own. I still guide her on things but I am asking for her to decide the outcome. After all isn't that what we are trying to teach our children? How to make informed decisions? If Sloan is unable to make decisions on the small things, how can I ever expect her to make good decisions on the really hard issues that will come her way in the future? Being a parent is the hardest thing I have done this far in my life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. Sometimes my heart just twinges when I think about how much I love my girls. It's that strange aching sensation like your heart is so full it could burst. Well things are getting a little too mushy right now so I will sign off for now. Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the girls from today's babysitting adventure.

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Cordwood Cabin said...

Yay for Sloan and her crafts projects!!! Post pictures, we'd love to see them. The Halloween photo op pieces at the bottom is beautiful, by the way. I love it, it would be fantastic to put out on a porch and have all the trick-or-treating kids pose behind it for a picture.