Monday, March 3, 2008

The ultimate stroller

Well folks, here it is. My dream stroller. I saw one of these in an airport when I was pregnant with Zoe and fell in love with it instantly. It is the size of a regular jogger but fits two kids. I only wish the price was the same as a regular stroller. I am saving up for this at the moment. It retails $400 new. It should take me about two and a half months to save for this. I need a double jogger so I can start exercising. I am at my heaviest and I feel horrible about the way I look at the moment. I mostly feel tired and sluggish, nothing a little exercise wouldn't cure. So family, if any of you see one of these at a yard sale or know a friend who's getting rid of their Phil and Ted double jogger let me know. I am willing to pay $250 for one in excellent used condition.

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