Friday, March 28, 2008

Very first dentist appointment

Sloan went to her first dentist appointment today. She was terrified, but did a great job. No cavities and her mouth looks great. I guess all the years of me brushing her teeth has paid off. Wednesday she is going back to get her molars sealed. Little Zoe was very concerned the whole time "Sissy" was in the big room getting her teeth cleaned. We were able to sit in a room with a window and watch while Sloan was in getting her teeth cleaned. Sloan cried until she realized everything was going to be OK. Bless her little heart. The dentist was super nice and all the staff was super kind to her.
During the afternoon Clair & Penny came over and all the kids played. Nate and Charlotte came over to play also. I think all the kids had a very fun time, and it was fun to visit with Clair. She has two more months until her due date. If you asked her she would probably tell you she would be happy to have the baby sooner than later. She has reached the "I'm done with this" stage.
Sloan, Popeye and me all went to run and get video's. We also went on a Target run. It was fun to spend some special time with my little Sloan. We had fun and tomorrow I think we will be playing some exciting games of Memory Match.
It is getting late and I need to get some much needed sleep. Tomorrow I will post all the photo's I keep promising and and a super cute video of Sloan and Popeye.

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