Monday, April 14, 2008

2 Miles

There is a cute little park at the Marina. When it's not soooo windy I will let Zoe play for a while after our walk.

The girls looked like this for most of the walk. Aris is under all those blankets. Zoe was mad because she wanted to play at the park and didn't understand why she wasn't able to.

I called two friends to see if they wanted to walk around the Marina. Susan and her kids Katie and Peter. Hilary and her kids Charlotte and Eric came. We all met there and proceeded to walk. It was quite a feat! Let me tell you the wind was blowing so hard we were pushing against it like it was a wall. Poor Aris, the wind was just knocking the breath right out of her and all she kept doing was raising her arms up like she was praising the lord. It was so funny and sad all at the same time. I had to put one of the blankets over both girls to try and shield them from the gusts. As I was trying to do this, no joke, my shirt was flying up. I was like oh good gravy now you guys know why I need to get in shape. Thankfully I had a sports bra on and all the children are young enough that the whole experience shouldn't scar them for life. I had to tuck in my shirt for the remainder of the walk (Think Ed Grimmly pushing a stroller). Yes it's time for some REAL work out clothes. When the walk was over I yelled over the wind, "You want to let the kid's play on the playground?". I was met with, "Maybe when it's not so windy". I had visions of kids climbing up the stairs to go down the slide and the wind picks up and oh no! There is little Zoe holding on for dear life with both hands while her legs fly in the wind, kind of like a kid flag. So we packed it up and headed home. It was all for the best. I had a bunch of bug guts all over my arms, no lie. My girls were covered in sand. My face was too. Kind of felt like I got a free dermabrasion treatment during my walk. Hopefully tomorrow won't be quite so windy. If it is I will be a little better prepared. The good news is I am one day closer to one of my goals.....getting in shape. I want to lose a total of 30 Lbs. I have lost 5 Lbs. 25 Lbs to go.

P.S. I love my new stroller!


Cristin said...

I almost wet my pants laughing at this post. I miss you too much. And I'm planning on calling you real soon. You're so wonderful and talented. I love you and respect you so much. Give the fam my love...


Summer Swanson said...

Cristin, you are much too kind. I adore you and love you so much too. you and Bren are my two favorite sisters! Hope to talk to you soon.