Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great friends & good food

Tonight we had our good friends and neighbors Tony and Sara and little Hailey over for dinner. Dean grilled up burgers and hot dogs while I made a salad some potato's and corn. I also baked a few cookies for desert. Tony and Sara are the best neighbor's. The kind you can call at 6 in the evening and ask for a cup of milk because you don't have any in the house for the recipe you are making for dinner. The girls just adore them. We love having Hailey over once a week. Our whole family is grateful for all their kindness.
I got a bit more done on the painting but I am not going to show you the process pictures until's just at a weird stage at the moment. I am not extremely happy with the color of the last layer I threw down, it's a blue that I thought would look darker, it's not the dark that I wanted. Tomorrow I will work on it again.

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sara ferrel said...

aw you're so sweet!! we always enjoy hanging out with you guys. i like the idea of the double date at your favorite restaraunt!! see you later this week! xoxoxox