Monday, April 21, 2008


& After.

I am a little happier with it now. It was just too much before. I am a color theory snot, ask anyone. You could paint the most amazing painting, but if your color's don't work together the painting won't look good. I am still not completely happy with the painting yet. Abstracts are tough. You just get a feeling, like hey if I add one more thing it will ruin this. That's how I know when my abstracts are done. I haven't had that feeling yet.

Today was my first day of work. I was asked to work the after school program until the end of May and I happily accepted. A little extra pocket money won't hurt the budget here. It would be nice to save for the last plane ticket we will be purchasing in the next few months, or I could pay off the last little bit of my student loan or I could pay off the hospital bill from when I had Aris.......Oh the thing I could do with just a few extra dockets. Sigh. OK I am over it now.

I hope everyone is well. By the way I am up to 10 miles as of today. I also started a women's walking group for young or old at church. This morning 5 bright and smiling faces showed up at the Marina, to walk and get healthy. It was very cool.

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jeffoehmen said...

Well done. I love the movement and also agree with your love for color theory. Keep up the good work!