Monday, May 26, 2008

An Afternoon in Pictures

Sloan reading to Zoe.

Dozzers right after her nap.

Sloan and Popeye.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend. Although Dean was camping and we weren't together for the weekend I still had a good time with the girls. On our way home from Kirsten's last night I had one of those "clear" moments when we were all in the car singing and talking. I am always in awe at how fun my girls are and how the dynamics of our family change from day to day. It is sometimes overwhelming how each little one has their own special personality. I sometimes wonder if I can keep up with all of them. I do know however, that I love these girls more than anything in this whole world.

Dean is home and he had a great weekend riding in Winnimucca. I am so glad he had a chance to go. He even made it home in time for our neighbor's BBQ. After the BBQ I went out for an hour with little Air Bear and it was nice to have some time to just kind of unwind. Dean was able to spend some time with Sloan and Zoe while I was gone. I had to return some pj's I bought for Aris, they had a hole in them. I am glad I did because while I was wandering through the store I found a twin sized bed skirt for the girls bed for $3. I was going to make one, but this was such a good deal I couldn't pass it up. It looks great and it hides all the toy bins stored under the bed. The house is sort of coming together. It has been a great weekend. I hope you all have had a great weekend also.

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