Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dan in Real Life

Dean and I watched this very delightful movie last night. Not only was it funny in a suttle sort of way, it was very sweet. I wish I had a cabin just like the one in the movie. I loved the family dynamics of all the brothers, sisters and parents. It made me wish that I had a family that liked to do some of the goofy family traditions they held so dear. This movie moves like a slow Sunday drive. At first you aren't too sure if you are going to like it, but in the end you had a lovely time kind of wish it wouldn't end. Not only is this movie delightful, it is pretty clean, and family friendly. Let me know what you guys think when you see this movie.

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Sitting Pretty Studio said...

I enjoyed this movie too! I loved that it was entertaining without all of the junk.