Sunday, May 4, 2008

A "Golden" Day

Watch this movie only if you feel like wasting two hours of your life you will never get back again.

What a fabulous day. We had Brent and Megan Golden over for lunch. They were kind enough to bring 6 fillet minion, and 6 t bone steaks. Dean bought 4 prawns that were a quarter pound a piece. Brent and Dean picked up all these different marinades and we had a feast of delicious meat. We were enjoying the meat so much that we didn't eat the potato's that we fixed. Then when we were finished and had put all the kid's to bed, we all watched the Stephen King movie "The Mist" and ate brownies with ice cream. We were going to play card's but I think after all the yummy food we were all too tired.

The movie was pretty interesting until the end. I think I speak for all of us when I say the ending stunk. With a capital S. Very upsetting and super disturbing. I hate it when people give away endings to movies, so if you plan on watching this movie and don't want to spoil the ending please don't read the rest of this post. The plot of the movie is a military base opens up a portal to another dimension. Only the dimension they open is a world filled with mutant giant bugs and monster like creatures that live in "the mist" and feed on humans, because we are pretty much bug sized to them. There are a group of people from a small town that are shopping in a supermarket when the mist hits a small town. If you go out in the mist you are sure to be eaten by these mutant creatures. Of coarse there are an array of interesting characters in the film and it portrays what happens when society breaks down. There is a very creepy character played be Marsha Gay Harden (she does a really great job playing this part). She plays a mentally ill over zealous evangelical, who is anything but angelic. There is a father and his son, a really cool kick butt grandma and a geeky grocery store clerk who pretty much ends up saving the day most of the movie. By the end of the movie creepy evil church lady has turned everyone in the store against this small band of rational thinking people. The crazy lady wants to sacrifice the fathers little boy because she thinks he has brought the evil upon them. The small band of characters decide its time to leave. They escape but only the father, son, kick butt grandma, teacher lady and old dude make it to the land cruiser. Two of the other guys were eaten by, yes, you guessed it, mutant alien bugs. They drive until they run out of gas. Along the way their greatest fears are confirmed. Everywhere they drive is enveloped in the mist and they encounter a few more frighteningly huge mutant bug monster thingies. Well they run out of gas. Like they couldn't have found a gas station on the way? Anyway they run out of gas and they hear the rumblings of what they think is a massive mutant bug coming to get them. So Dad takes out the gun, finds that there are only 4 bullets left. There are 5 of them in the land cruiser. The noise is getting louder and closer to them. They decide they would rather die quickly, than get eaten alive by the mutant bug. The father decides he will die the slow painful death by mutant bug. Pan away from the vehicle, 4 shots are heard. Pan in. The dad is sitting there screaming because he just shot his son and his three friends. He gets out of the car, the sound is like right by him and he's screaming, "Come and get me!", over and over again. Suddenly you see tanks. US Army tanks and solders in gas masks. The rescue crew has arrived! Like twenty seconds too late! AHHH!! I seriously felt like throwing up. What a waste of time. Other than the super lame movie, it was such a great day.

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Cordwood Cabin said...

I hate movies with endings like those...a sad ending is acceptable (think McCarth's The Road), but that kind of ironic twist seems unfair. Adorable pics below, by the way! It's been a long time since anyone at CC has been posting (too many holiday projects), but I read your last few posts, including the one with the awesome auction painting in it, of course. Keep up the great work! -- Eliza