Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spring Dance Recital day

Last night I went through the painful process (Sloan hates when I do this) of twisting her hair so it would be curly for her recital. I am sad to say that there were tears involved. It is thankfully only twice a year that I have to do this.

My little breakfast girls!

Auntie Cathe came over and painted Sloan's face like the Cowardly Lion. She is amazing at face painting. Sloan looked grrrrrrrrrreat!

All the dances were done to Beatles music and the recital was called "Beatles Mania". The first dance was done to "Dance Tonight".

These little guys danced to "Mary had a little lamb".

"Dizzy Miss Lizzy"

"When I'm 64"

"Here Comes the Sun"

"Octopus's Garden"

"Two of Us"

"Honey Pie"

"English Tea"

"Drive my car".

"In my Life"

"Any Road"

The girls with Mrs Kathrine.

Sloan and Daddy.

Sloan with Miss Nancy.

Sloan did such an awesome job! This has been such a fun day. After the recital we took Sloan to eat at Jack in the Box. It was where she wanted to go. We munched down our food and then came home so her and Brendan could play while Jen and Jason went to the movies. We were able to leave the girls with Jen while we took Sloan to the recital. I think it is important for Sloan to have some one on one time when ever we are able. She worked so hard on this dance and every year she gets better at dance. Kathrine said Zoe could start classes in the fall if we would like. Dean and I are talking about it.

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