Thursday, June 19, 2008

Birthday fun

Dean bought Sloan a water slide and pool for her birthday. The picture on the package made it look as if 10 kids could party in the pool. Needless to say it was quite small. With that being said there were still many squeals and giggles in our yard this afternoon. Sloan also got a scooter. I didn't think we would get one until the fall. Dean is such a softie, he bought her one last night also. I was able to take Sloan to Justice tonight. In case you have never been there before it is an overpriced store for pre-teen girls. Filled with very overpriced clothes and lots of nick knacks. Sloan was dying to go so she could get a beanie baby malamute. She ended up buying a Webkinz. It is a penguin, and she named him Pistachio. (I helped with the name) She loves it and can't wait to play on the computer tomorrow. Thank you Grandma Swanson for the Webkinz. It was a hit!

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