Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Week in Photos

Aris' new toy from David & Roberta. She loves it.

Roberta & Aris

David, Aris, and Dean

Roberta, David, and Aris

After the girls party Sloan's Friend Katrina had her 7th birthday party. The theme was Webkinz and all the kids won Webkinz to take home. It was a very fun party. Sloan had a blast.

Roberta and I

Aris and her new tambourine. It can be one giant instrument or four little ones.

Sloan received very lovely gifts for her birthday. She was so excited because she was given three Webkins for gifts at the party, and her Pop Pop & Bumma sent her one. With the money she received for gifts from other grandmas & Grandpas and the three she won at Katrina's party she now has 11 Webkins. A whole Webkin family if you will. She is so thrilled.

The birthday cupcake!

The birthday girls. Aris is 1 and Sloan is 8.

The party bunch.

Carla's son Dylan took his power remote boat that he built from a kit out to the pond by their home. The kids had fun watching.

Tony, Sara, and Haylie

Zoe' "Fiffers" Jennifer and I

The birthday spread.

The end!

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