Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ducks & Ducks

The inspiration, Seeing Flowers Dress by Hannah Anderson.

This little duck is for Hailey's birthday.

This little duck will hopefully be going to a special home very soon. 

Today was a super busy day, and the week should only prove to be just as crazy. Sloan starts school on Monday. I am trying to fill the last few days with as much fun as possible. I have tried so hard to make this a special summer vacation for her. It is hard to believe she is now starting the third grade. How fast time flies when you are the mom. Hope everyone has had a great day.

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Sitting Pretty Studio said...

The duck illustration is adorable Summer!
I can't believe Sloan is starting grade 3. I remember reading the Little House on the Prairie series that year.
I just went to Hobby Lobby and bought 12 yards of ribbon for Back to School Hair Bows.