Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First day of 3rd Grade

Sloan's first day of school was yesterday. She is in year round and I love it. She was so nervous when I dropped her off. When school was over and I picked her up she couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had. She loves her new teacher and has some of her old classmates in her class this year.

After we dropped Sloan off at school, I had to run to the bank and Zoe and I saw this. Zoe started freaking out and wanted to play in the bubbles. In case you are having a hard time figuring out what this is, this is a really nice little fountain in the parking lot of a very nice shopping center. It sort of looked like a giant lemon meringue pie. I am guessing that some silly kids put soap in the fountain as a joke. I am sure it was a mess to clean up, but it couldn't have made my Zoe any happier. Today when we drove by the fountain, Zoe couldn't understand where her bubbles went to. She is so cute.

It is hard to believe that my little Sloan is in the third grade. I hope this will be the best year ever for her. Zoe misses Sloan terribly when she is at school. She asks all day long when we can go pick up sissy. I miss her too. I had so much fun with Sloan this summer break. I am excited that she is at school and learning and having all the fun new experiences that come with third grade. I do however wish I didn't have to do the homework hassle every evening. I dread it. Sloan is so strong willed and pushes her limits every chance she can. My mom just told me about a book titled "Setting Limits for your Strong Willed Child" by Robert J. Mack Kinsey. I am going to go and get it this weekend. I feel like I am spending so much of my time with the girls correcting and threatening Sloan with punishments. It isn't fair to her or the little ones and I am just to tired to keep up with the disrespectful behavior. Plus Zoe is picking up the bad habits and has started back talking also, she's only two! So wish me luck and I will let you know how the book is. 

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