Thursday, July 3, 2008


I have been missing my paint. As much as I love sewing, I do miss the hands on and freeness of paper and paint. I have a lot of ideas for illustrations I would like to work on. I needed a moment with my old friend paint. (Not like this is a great painting or anything, just a fun little painting sketch). I did have fun doing this. I sat outside at our picnic table and painted as the sun went down. My husband was puttering around the yard, my little Zoe and Sloanie sat at the table and talked to me while I painted. There was a cool breeze and I was surrounded by my most precious love bugs. I felt like it was a perfect night. I can't wait to finish up all my sewing projects so I can get back to all the ideas that I have for future art.


Cordwood Cabin said...

The painting is beautiful(and so is that adorable octopus stitched in the pics below!) So glad to see you posting again -- we missed you during your computer's dilemma!
-- Eliza

Artfulife said...

I missed being able to blog, it was hard not having a computer. Thanks you for your kind comments, I still haven't forgotten about your little supprise. It should be in the mail in a week or so. Untill next time, take care.

Artfulife said...

I love you mom!