Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just Ducky

So I sat down tonight with my little Sloan and we sketched together. Sloan bought her first sketch book the other night with the gift card her Grandpa David and Roberta gave her for her birthday. She was so excited to finally have her own sketchbook. It is nice that we are able to do art together. 
The above sketches are ideas for some upcoming paintings I would like to do. Little Haylie is turning 1 on Saturday. She is just ducky for ducks! I figured it would be fun to make her some kind of duck art for her birthday gift. I wanted to sew her something, however my machine is acting up. It will either be out of paper or painted. I bought the frame on Friday, now all I need is to do the artwork. I will post pictures of the finished project.


Elissa said...

love this sketch. sweet and whimsical. see you too are a grosgrain fan! if it's your littlest turning 1, congrats and enjoy. my baby girl just had her first birthday a few months ago. wow it goes fast!

Dana said...

So great!!! I'm gonna have to sketch with my kids more!