Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Weekend in Pictures

Aris & Sloan

Aris & Wyatt

Goofy little Air Bear

I just found all the little tools you can use to enhance your photos. I really love the look of older photo's, you know the faded photo's from the 70's and older. So I played around with the those tools on a lot of the photo's below. I don't know much about photography. I think every once in a while I get lucky and take a good photo. This is one that may not be that great to most, but I love it.

I was ringing some bells and Zoe got soooo excited. Not a great picture, but cute to mommy.

This weekend there was a Pioneer picnic at one of my favorite parks in Reno. They have so many fun things to do at this park. Kids can pan for gold. There is a mine shaft slide playground. You can dig for dinosaur bones (pretend of coarse) and there is a petting zoo with horse rides. Oh and a log ride. Plus there are all these different gardens and many people use this park for weddings or receptions.

Zoe had a blast panning for "fools gold".


Sloan & Penny

I seriously think this is the fattest sheep alive. He was huge.

The petting zoo.

We waited and waited oh yea and did I say waited, to see the baby lambs fed. It was so worth the wait.

Daddy and Air Bear

We washed the car

My most favorite picture of Zoe. For now.

I took these on Monday, but thought I would include them anyway.

Oh how I love my girls. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Shay said...

What fun! Your family is adorable! It looks like you all had a fun packed weekend! I just love taking mine to the petting zoo, they love that! You take wonderful photos, your children are just beautiful!

Artfulife said...

Thank you. I sure do love my little family.

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a wonderful weekend and such sweet pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. My girls would have loved panning for gold and seeing the sheep... Lori