Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This is What I Found

On Saturday before lunch, this is what I found. Zoe had taken almost every puzzle, game, and board book that we own out of the closet. 

I wondered why it was so quiet. She played for almost a half an hour by herself. So should I really complain about the mess?

Yesterday before lunch, this is what I found. Yep. Babyzilla on the veranda of the Fisher Price Mansion. It would have been even funnier if she was making roaring noises, and rolling her head around a little. She just kind of stood there with a smile on her face that said, "Mom, when it's this quite, you should know I'm up to something". Yep. Good mothering skills. I should totally win an award or something.

1 comment:

mysteryhistorymom said...

You are so funny! We have all enjoyed peace and quiet at times only to find that mischief was occurring somewhere in the house.:-) Lori